“Building Quality Homes With Quality Products”

Established in 1994, Roman Company started off as an import & direct sale of household products in many department stores and retail outlets across Singapore. The development of its own house brand, “Roman”, has proven to be a great success over the decade – with many Roman household and kitchenware products sold in major departmental stores and hypermarkets island-wide.

In 2003, Roman was incorporated as a private limited company and subsequently expanded into an export and wholesale company. Beside its Singapore market, the company also distributes a wide variety of its own Roman products to many others parts of Southeast Asia.

When its pioneer products, Roman Magic Mop and Roman Hard Anodized Cooking Wok were first introduced, they became an instant hit amongst many Singaporean families, and paved the way to Roman’s subsequent range of household and kitchenware products.

Known for its unique “live” demonstration sales approach, Roman draws the line on misleading advertising – through highly-professional trainers to showcase, demonstrate and convey the real advantages of its own Roman products, in front of every shopper.

Throughout the years, Roman sought to improve its quality and services by boosting its after-sales services with a win-win situation: free cooking classes in our cooking studio. By conducting free cooking classes, its customers can learn to make full use of their purchased products and at the same time, learn to cook new dishes.

Even till now, Roman continues to strive for continuous improvement in constructing top-quality products and providing the best after-sales support for every customer.